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Hello everyone! My name is Olha.

If you are in love with lace in the same way as I am, welcome!


In this shop you will find samples of tatted lace – starting from classical lace to the most fabulous samples for any taste (all of them are made in accordance with my sketches) as well as lace handiworks with elements of this lace.
I am pleased to present you 100% handmade and absolute quality.


First of all, you will find here jewelries. These are elegant, festive, loved jewelry. Something that you will wear for exceptional occasion: on your wedding day, graduation ball, for important event or party, for a date, on St. Valentine’s Day, New Year or birthday party – on that special days when the whole Universe is spinning around you and everything becomes possible. They are made to attract and tempt. They are created for you to admire them and for someone to admire you and love you.
They are feminine and femininity is always in fashion.

If you are a bride and admire lace, you are twice welcomed, because here you will find solutions for half of troubling you issues. Except for jewelry (earrings, necklaces, bracelets), here you will find lace hairbands, hair accesories, clips, flowers and any wedding decoration. And if you are going to tailor your wedding gown, you will find a lace for it.


If you are public person and good appearance is norm of life for you, then elegant jewelry and handmade accessories will perfectly complete your image. They will brighten even the simpliest apparrel and become exaclty the accent, which will make you to look for a million.